When We Last Left Our Heroes! (July 23-27, 2012)

29 07 2012

It was a busy week for the TOGers—and we’re a little late with the recap. But we had our first contest, and our first contest winner! There are more giveaways to come—including one that’s running right now!

Our first contest—and our first contest winner!

Here’s a review of What’s it To Ya?—a party game that would be great to use with a group of teenagers.

Jeremiah kicked off a series on dead CCGs of the past. Remember the Pez CCG? No one else does either…

Another free-game giveaway! Win your very own copy of What’s It To Ya?

Gloom: Does a neat-o, see-through-card gimmick make for a fun game? Check our review.

We preview Alcatraz—a new co-op-until-I-stab-you-in-the-back game.

Kickstarter is a great mechanism for getting new games published—but it’s not without risk…

Thanks so much for reading. Check back next week when we’ll have more news and reviews—including a review of one of our kids’ favorite games: Castle Panic! Have a great rest of your weekend.




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