When We Last Left Our Heroes…

31 08 2012

It’s been a bit of a slow week for us here at ToG. Life has intruded in interesting ways…

But that doesn’t mean we didn’t post some cool stuff!

We started off the week with a review of the GenCon hit Smash Up!

We were one of the first to report that Rob Daviau is leaving Hasbro and striking out on his own.

We interviewed Ben Rosset about his upcoming game, Mars Needs Mechanics.

We showed you the new trailer for Mars Needs Mechanics.

We reported on Looney Labs’ expensive new Kickstarter version of Are You a Werewolf?

And finally, we reviewed that behemoth of a fantasy game, Mage Knight!
Thanks so much for reading! We’re taking a much-needed break for the Labor Day weekend, so we’ll see you on Tuesday. Next week we’ll have a review of the brand-new Tooth & Nail: Factions, and much more. Stay tuned!




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