Hands Free Gaming! Kickstarter Weekly

29 11 2012

UPDATE: This project was cancelled on December 8. Hat tip to Sandra for letting us know.

Our featured Kickstarter campaign this week isn’t a game, but instead a nifty little accessory for those of us who enjoy card games and a hot beverage during the winter months.

Another Springboard-powered campaign, these Origami Card Holders by GameBits come as a flat sheet of card stock with instructions on how to masterfully fold them into a 1- or 2-tiered free standing card holder. They’re decked out with some pretty fantastic art from several different gaming genres, and the backer levels are pretty reasonable! As with any good Kickstarter campaign there are also a fair amount of stretch goals and this one is no different: The higher the funding goes, the more artists, themes, and designs will be added and made available!

You can check out the campaign and all the different backer levels right here.

Thanks so much for reading, and have a great day!




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30 11 2012
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[…] Thursday – Our Kickstarter Weekly featured a nifty gaming accessory and an ancient art form all rolled into one. Origami Card Holders. […]

17 12 2012

I JUST heard of them on the Dice Tower podcast, went to check it out, and they had cancelled their own campaign. Weird. “Go check it out” and then just find a closed shop. Why advertise if they’re not going to wait for the ads to take hold?

17 12 2012

Aw, that’s a shame. I’ll update the post. Thanks for the heads-up, Sandra!

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