Rio Grande Releases a Ton of Games At Once!

31 12 2012

GearsWe’re back in the saddle after a few days off for Christmas. On a Facebook post, Jay Tummelson—head honcho behind Rio Grande Games—announced that a slew of games should be in your local game store and online store now. This includes Monster Factory, Spin Monkeys, The Doge Ship, CopyCat, Unexpected Treasures, Power Grid: UK&N Europe, Antike Duellum, Myrmes, Tzolk’in, A Fool’s Fortune, Cavemen, and Galaxy Trucker: Another Big Expansion. I haven’t heard how Tzolk’in plays, but it looks absolutely AMAZING. Check out the pic—those are actual, working gears! We’ll play and review as many of these as we can.

Thanks for reading, and have a great week! And check back tomorrow for a review of one of the most anticipated games of the year! (Guess which one, you will not…)

Merry Christmas

25 12 2012

morning-starWe’d like to take a moment to thank you for reading, and to wish you a Merry Christmas. We love our families, and board games, and Star Wars, and all that other goofy stuff, but at the end of the day, nothing is more important than our identity in Christ. And so we pray that as you (and as we) open gifts of X-Wing or Loopin’ Louie, that we’d be mindful of who we are in Him, and what this day is really about. Happy Holy-days.

The Son of God became a man to
enable men to become the sons of God. ~C.S.Lewis

Elephant Racing in India

24 12 2012

FormulaEGame Salute and Clever Mojo Games have announced a new racing game that should be out by next year’s GenCon. Formula E finds 3 to 6 players racing elephants through villages, mountains, and deserts. According to the game description:

The primary game mechanism in Formula E is hand management as players use their hand of cards to advance their elephants through the course. Elephants move in a unique manner – they push elephants in front of them until those elephants hit an obstacle, then the active elephant pushes sideways until a path is clear for it to move forward again. Certain move-adjusting cards and tactical-screwage cards can be played to trigger events like diagonal movement, obstacle movement, and nasty little screw-your-opponents effects. Elephant racing is not, necessarily, a sport of honor!

Bruno Faiduttio is one of the designers, so expect some chaos—but I can accept that in a racing game. And the name is a play on the classic race game Formula D—with permission, they used Formula E as a clever homage. Thanks for reading, and have an amazing Christmas!

What You Missed…

21 12 2012

It was a lighter week here at Theology Of Games, but that doesn’t mean there was nothing to see!

We reviewed Fantasy Flight Games’ new LCG Android: Netrunner.

We gave you a heads-up on the re-theme—back to the original theme—of It’s Alive. It’s now Candle Quest: The Game of Light.

And we brought you the exciting news that Wok Star will finally see the light of day thanks to an upcoming Kickstarter project.

That’s it for this week. Have an amazing weekend, and we’ll see you on Christmas Eve!

Party Like a Wok Star!

21 12 2012

by Firestone

wokBack in 2010 I got to play a neat little co-op game called Wok Star. It was a self-published, 500-copy indie game where you and your teammates own a restaurant and you’re trying to get ingredients and make meals before the timer goes off—otherwise, the people eat for free and you lose money. There was enough interest that Z-Man Games signed on to publish a bona fide copy.

Well, it’s now 2012, and with no sign of the game in sight, designer Tim Fowers announced he’s no longer under the Z-Man contract and he’ll be starting a Kickstarter for this soon. He also mentioned that he’s “spent time improving Wok Star – the game plays faster (4 rounds) but still has the strategy and teamwork.”

We’ll let you know when the project goes live. Thanks for reading!

Candle Quest – Kickstarter Weekly

20 12 2012

Candle QuestIn 2007, Yehuda Berlinger designed and released It’s Alive!, a quick-playing auction game where players take turns trying to acquire enough body parts to bring to life their grotesque creation.

Well Yehuda has teamed up with Gilead games and Springboard to launch a Kickstarter campaign for a re-themed version of It’s Alive, called Candle Quest. Candle Quest uses the same mechanics of It’s Alive! but with a much more family friendly theme: Instead of body parts, players are collecting 8 different colored candles for their Menorah.

The Kickstarter is pretty affordable too; a $25 backer will receive a copy of the game with free U.S. shipping. Of course, the higher your backing level the better the rewards (including naming rights to  a few cards, etc.) And the stretch goals culminate with a free iOS app of the game for all backers!

We’ll be interviewing the game’s designer Yeduda Berlinger, and reviewing the game here at TOG, so be sure to stop back for more about this title soon! Until then you can check out the Kickstarter campaign right here!

Thanks for reading, and don’t forget to tell your friends about us, and subscribe to the blog!

What You Missed…

14 12 2012

tileWith life speeding up for us around the upcoming holidays, we’ve fallen off of our usual weekly rhythm. But that doesn’t mean we haven’t had an exciting week here at TOG! Here’s what you missed…

We started the week out with exciting news about Star Wars the Card Game as Fantasy Flight released their always thorough and helpful tutorial videos.

We also completed our 2012 Christmas Holiday Gift Guide!

Our Kickstarter Weekly featured a nifty project for your copy of Catan—you gotta check this one out!

This week also brought good tidings of great joy for all of you Fluxx fans, as Looney Labs and Playdeck launched the Fluxx app in the iOS app store!

Again, we thank you for reading, and hope you come back next week for more gaming news, reviews, and interviews!

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