Kickstarter Weekly – Aug. 30, 2013

30 08 2013

Well, our little experiment last week resulted in a much different outcome than we thought it would. Thanks again everyone for the feedback! We’re back to normal for now, until we decide to rock the boat again!

Speaking of new things, you may have missed it yesterday, (we had a little hiccup with our email delivery system!) but we have officially launched the Theology of Games podcast! You can find it on iTunes by following this link RIGHT HERE!!! We’re very excited about this, and would love any and all feedback!

Anyway, there’s lots of stuff going down on Kickstarter this week, so let’s jump in!

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It’s Finally Here! Our First Podcast

29 08 2013

TOGLogoOkay, first: Thanks so much for your patience. The truth is, this was way more work than we thought it would be. So it took a little longer to get this out than we’d hoped. But we learned a bunch during the process, and it’ll be easier from now on (we hope!).

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Blue Moon is Coming Back in Print!

29 08 2013

BlueMoonLegendsBy Firestone

This is seriously good news, folks. Back in 2004, designer Reiner Knizia came out with what was really the first LCG: Blue Moon. It and the expansion decks slowly went out of print, and they were recently fetching big bucks on the secondary market. That’s all about to change…

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The Latest ‘Mages Battling Each Other’ Game, From Designer Vlaada Chvatil

28 08 2013

TashCard2Maybe I missed a resurgence in popularity of the Disney film The Sword In the Stone, but suddenly we’re seeing a bunch of mages-kicking-each-others’-butts games: Summoner Wars, Mage Wars, Seasons, and now…Tash-Kalar: Arena Of Legends from designer Vlaada Chvatil.

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Mayfair Makes History

26 08 2013

525695_10151633300925958_1966269745_nIt’s no secret that one of the biggest events in gaming happened just over a week ago, in Indianapolis. Yes, we are of course referring to Gencon. Mayfair Games, one of the world’s top publishers, and gatekeepers of the Catan franchise, had HUGE plans for the con this year. How huge? Well, let’s find out…

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Kickstarter Weekly – A New Look!

23 08 2013

Hey it’s Friday and that means… Well, here at TOG that could mean just about anything. But for this particular Friday it means we’re bringing you another edition of Kickstarter Weekly!


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Maximum Throwdown is Here!

22 08 2013

MT-3D-box1-300x215That’s right Maximum Throwdown, Jason Tagmire’s card flinging game has arrived!

Well.. Not in our grubby little hands yet, but you can pick up your own copy from the retailer of your choice, and that’s the important thing.

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