Kickstarter Weekly – A New Look!

23 08 2013

Hey it’s Friday and that means… Well, here at TOG that could mean just about anything. But for this particular Friday it means we’re bringing you another edition of Kickstarter Weekly!


This week, isn’t just any old Kickstarter Weekly, it’s a special trial run at a video version of our world famous Kickstarter Weekly! Ok, maybe “world famous” is a stretch, but KSW has become a staple around here, and so as we’ve expanded our reach into other mediums we thought we’d try this on for size! So, here it is Kickstarter Weekly!


Belle of the Ball

Fleet – Arctic Bounty

Havoc & Hijinks

Incredible Expeditions

A Duel Betwixt Us

King’s Forge

The King’s Armory

Let us know what you think of the new format! We’d love your feedback!

Thanks for reading and watching, please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and the YouTube channel! And check us out on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!




6 responses

23 08 2013

In general, I prefer a written format. Not totally averse to videos, but I can read much faster than a video or podcast typically runs. If you stick with the video format, I’d consider adding those KS links in your Youtube description for those interested in backing. I see them on this post, but wouldn’t necessarily know where to go as a newer viewer without that link.

23 08 2013

Thanks for the input! We’re kicking the tires on the video thing and this kind of feedback really helps!!

23 08 2013
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

I’m not a fan… but it’s more of a “hate trying to watch video on older machine when I can read when I want to” than a “you guys hurt my eyes” thing.

23 08 2013

Thanks, Mark! I think…
Thanks for the feedback!

23 08 2013

I enjoy the updates but much prefer the text format! So much easier to read the information at work then to try and discreetly watch a video…

23 08 2013

Haha, hope we didn’t cause any reprimands to be handed your way because of our little adventure in video! 😀

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