It’s Finally Here! Our First Podcast

29 08 2013

TOGLogoOkay, first: Thanks so much for your patience. The truth is, this was way more work than we thought it would be. So it took a little longer to get this out than we’d hoped. But we learned a bunch during the process, and it’ll be easier from now on (we hope!).

There are a couple of things we’re still figuring out. For instance, a few times during the podcast, Jeremiah’s voice echoes a little bit. But it never lasts more than a minute of two, so please bear with us.

We seriously, seriously want your feedback. If something is good, bad, or ugly, let us know.

And we’ve already recorded podcast #2, so look for that in just a few days. (And that’s our plan going forward: A new podcast at the beginning of the month.) Thanks for reading and watching (and now listening!).

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5 responses

3 09 2013

I will definitely be subscribing to your podcast. I know it’s a chore, so thanks for doing it.

10 09 2013

I listened to your first podcast – nice job. I’m looking forward to hearing more – it’s tough to judge a podcast on just one episode, but I like what I’m hearing so far. I appreciate that you guys are willing to talk about your faith rather than skirt around it. That’s who you are, that’s where you’re coming from, that’s what you have to say.

The one piece of advice I’d give is don’t worry about the length. By all means, set a limit, but don’t worry if you go over. And don’t feel like you have to add filler fluff to get up to a certain time – if you’ve said all you need to say, be done. And if you’ve got more to say, by all means, say it.

Thanks guys…looking forward to episode two!

10 09 2013

1 – Thanks! We’re glad you’re looking forward to more!

2 – We think the second one is quite a great deal better than the first (yay!)

3 – Thanks for the advice, most podcasts that I’ve listened to seem to abide by that rule, and often go over there limit. We sure haven’t seemed to be able to stay within our limit. But our hope is that it’s worth listening to, regardless of length.

4 – Love your avatar. 😀

14 09 2013

Glad you guys got this out! I had no idea you were from different locations, so that made it even more impressive. I have subscribed, as I am unable to resist any of your commands 🙂

It was really interesting to hear how you guys got started. I love a good origin story, and this one didn’t disappoint. I thought for sure at least one of you would be a member of a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime you didn’t commit, but the truth is also fun.

I applaud any mention of the ST:CCG – thank you!

Thank you for talking about the games and how they apply not just to your gaming group, but your family as well. Right now the only reason I want my kids to grow up is so we can play more games 😀

Last thing – feel free to go over the limit if need be. For me, your blog and podcast bring me into a circle of people I feel like I have already known for years – that’s the power of similar interests. The more I get of that, the better!

I understand that you don’t want to be boring and want to keep a reasonable time, but I hope if you’re on a topic you’re passionate about that you give yourself the freedom to go on about it.

Great first cast, and looking forward to the next!

16 09 2013

Wow. Thanks so much for your kind words! We really appreciate your support of the blog, and now the Podcast! Episode 2 is on the way, we think you’ll enjoy it even more than the first! 🙂

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