Hanabi Gets the Deluxe Treatment

9 09 2013

hanabicoverby Firestone

Even though it’s only September, Hanabi is on my short-list for Game of the Year. So what could make this Spiel Des Jahres winner even better? A DELUXE EDITION.

Designer Antoine Bauza teased a pic on Twitter that revealed a deluxe edition of the game is in the…works. (See what I did there?)

This one will feature tiles instead of cards. Matthias Wagner of Abacusspiele has dropped some details.

The material will be similar to the bakelite used in Hive.

hanabitilesThe tiles will be thick enough to stand up and stack (32x25x15mm).

They’ll be engraved.

I love the idea of being able to stack these, turn them sideways, move some forward or backward, or group them. The maneuverability of the tiles is much better than the cards.  But the price of this beauty will be $90, so I’ll likely just be sticking to my $10 copy.

Will you be picking this up once it’s out?

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2 responses

11 09 2013

i wonder why the price is hovering around $90? i would have paid a 40-50 price for it… it can’t have much more bits than Confusion, though perhaps the engraving carries a high cost?

11 09 2013

I think it is the engraving—they have to buy a number of dies. Also, it comes in a wooden box, and apparently that adds quite a bit of cost.

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