A Podcast Update!

23 09 2013

RailwaysCoverHey gang!

In case you missed it, last week we uploaded our second episode of the Theology of Games Podcast! In this episode we talk about the spectacle that was GenCon, a few games we’re looking forward too, and we do our first ever Double-Take review on the podcast! Our featured review game for this episode is Railways Express, from Eagle Games!

Now, for some more news, we’re getting ready to record the next episode, and one of the segments we’re excited about is our “Mailbag” or “Tweet” bag, or whatever we should call it segment, where we answer questions from readers and listeners just like you. That is, of course, if you’re the type of reader or listener who writes us and asks a question to be answered on the show!

So, have a question about gaming? Faith? What kind of razors we use to shave our heads? Fire away! You can leave them here in the comments, or post them on our Facebook page, or Tweet ’em at us! Also, if you have a question and wish to remain anonymous you can email them to us at TheologyofGames@Gmail.com and request anonymity, which we would be glad to grant you! We can’t stress enough how much we enjoy and appreciate our interaction with you, so we hope you’ll join us and be a part of what we’re doing!

If you haven’t given the podcast a listen here are some links for ya:

You can find the podcast right here.

And you can subscribe using this RSS feed – http://theologyofgames.libsyn.com/rss

We plan to record this week, and this podcast will feature our first “on air” interview as well! We’re a little excited about the whole thing!

Thanks for reading (here), watching (here) and listening (here)!

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One response

27 09 2013
Nick Shaw

Great podcast guys!

A comment on Amazon vs FLGSs: I live in a small village just outside of London, England. My nearest “friendly local game store” is in central London, which although not very far from me (20 miles or so) it would cost me about £25 (around $40) to get to by train (or even more if I drove into the city and parked). So for less than the price of just GETTING to my nearest game store, I can buy an entire game from Amazon (with free shipping of course). So the decision of which to use for me is clear. Of course, if I happen to be in London I would pop into the FLGS, but otherwise – it’s Amazon (or an equivalent online UK retailer like gameslore).

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