Podcast #3 and a New Contest—We’re Giving Away Pixel Lincoln!

22 10 2013

pixelcoverHey everyone!

We’re super excited about everything that’s moving and shaking here at Theology of Games. We’re happy to announce that our third episode of the Theology of Games Podcast is up and running and available for download on iTunes!

We were joined this month by the effervescent (Jeremiah wrote that. Weird.) Jason Tagmire, designer of Pixel Lincoln, Maximum Throwdown, and more! He was kind enough to chat with us about his games, and a little bit of what is coming down the road for Pixel Lincoln.

But wait! There’s so much more! During this episode of the podcast, we give you all the details on how you—yes YOU—can win a free copy of Pixel Lincoln of your very own! Want to win? Listen to the podcast, or, check out the Web for clues about the contest! I know…super mysterious, right?

You can click this link to download your own copy of the podcast; we would love it if you subscribed and shared it with your friends!

Thanks for reading, watching, and listening!





6 responses

24 10 2013
Nick Shaw

Regarding Carcassonne expansions… I love Carcassonne. It’s one of my favourite games. But the expansions have gotten a little silly of recent. I almost always play with Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders, but not any of the others often at all. The most recent mini-expansions were all very lack-luster – they just didn’t bring anything new or exciting enough to the game to make them worth it.

Regarding the Carcassonne spin-off games, they do seem to just be trying to cash-in on the ‘brand’ name now. I have the “The Discovery” spin-off, and it’s ok, but it doesn’t add much. “Farms” (called “Plains” in this version) scoring is somewhat simpler, and the surveyors pushing development west is an interesting dynamic, but for me it doesn’t add *enough* to make it stand out above the original Carc. I’ve not played Hunters & Gatherers, or the Ark of the Covenant (no longer in print from what I can tell), or any of the more recent spin offs, but again they’re not adding a huge amount more. “Carcassonne: South Seas” doesn’t look like it adds much more either. So would I consider buying it? Nope. I’m happy enough with base Carcassonne with a couple of the early expansions. The Winter edition, however… very cute idea. If someone were to buy it for me as a gift, I wouldn’t say no… 🙂

24 10 2013

I also use only Inns & Cathedrals and Traders & Builders. I’ve got plenty of other things to spend my gaming $ on, so even a Catapult doesn’t interest me. Thanks for contributing, Nick! And for listening to the podcast!

24 10 2013

Inns & Cathedrals is by far the most played expansion in the Isley home. Except for this weird 12 tile expansion that I mixed in with the base set, that includes an all farm tile, yes, an all farm tile, I love the look on people’s faces when they pull it!
I like the other’s that I have, but most of the people I play with don’t. :/
I’ve been enamored by the winter edition, I WANT GINGERBREAD MEEPLES!

And I’m also trademarking Star Wars Carcassonne, it will be awesome, instead of a city you’re building the Death Star, complete with laser turrets instead of cloisters, and trenches instead of city walls!

25 10 2013
Nick Shaw

That 12-tile expansion – is that the GQ expansion? I’ve played with that on JCloisterZone (implementation of Carcassonne for Windows/network play).

Love the idea of Star Wars Carcassonne. I’d buy that. 😀

25 10 2013

Not sure where the 12 time expansion came from. My flgs often goes to cons and brings back unique stuff to sell in the store.
I think I’m on to something with this Star Wars Carcassonne!

7 11 2013
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[…] for reading! And don’t forget: You still have a chance to win a copy of Pixel Lincoln. Just listen to our third podcast to find out how. It’s […]

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