Hegemonic—The Unboxing!

6 12 2013

photo (41)Something we’ve never done before is the obligatory unboxing video of a new game. There’s probably no real good reason for this, other than when we get new games we typically tear into them like a 5 year-old on Christmas morning.

However we were provided with some advance copies of Hegemonic, a new 4X game from Minion Games, and we thought it would be a good idea to show you…what’s in the BOX! (Which is more than absolutely nothing!)

We’re pretty excited about this game, and the components have only ramped up that excitement! Great art, well-thought-out components, and nifty plastic bits!

Without further delay here is our video unboxing of Hegemonic!

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Find the game online here!

Thanks again for reading, watching and listening! Stay tuned for our review of Hegemonic and much more!

Let us know if you’re getting this game! Why? Why not? Let’s chat, folks!





7 responses

6 12 2013
Christopher Mayfield

now you need a reboxing video 🙂 it is very hard to get all that stuff back in after you unbox it

6 12 2013

Yes! Especially after punching everything out!!

6 12 2013

I just ditched the insert. Made it a WHOLE lot easier… 🙂

6 12 2013

Hat might be the way to go. I guess my one complaint about the box is that there was no insert for everything to fit into.

6 12 2013

Reblogged this on Break From Reality Games and commented:
Always awesome to see a Game getting unpacked and coming to life for the first time!

9 12 2013
Today in Board Games – Issue #102

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10 12 2013
The Funster

great video! Thanks for sharing. I had heard of Hegemonic but until now, had never seen it! After your review I am most assuredly going to have to check out this bad boy! Thanks again for the entertaining and informative video!

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