Friendly Local Game Stores, UNITE!

13 12 2013

Hey Guys!

28189-beautiful-christmas-treeSo we know we’ve been  linking to all sorts of online stores including some links sending you to Amazon with their low prices and lightning deals, etc.

It’s obviously easy for us to drop in a bunch of links to online retailers for deals since we’re…ya know…on the Internet, and online retailers are also on the Internet. But we both love local game stores as well, so we thought we would give you all this open post to share links to your store’s Web site/Facebook pages, etc., and let the folks who may be reading in your area know about any special deals and events going on in your neck of the woods!

It’s our Christmas present to you folks who work day in and day out providing a friendly, safe place for folks to come in and check out new games, play in tournaments, and connect with other gamers in the area!

So, FLGSs, leave your links in the comments below!
PLEASE include your city and state, and any contact info below, as well as any info on upcoming gaming events, sales, or promotions!

Readers, please share this post with your FLGS so they can join in on the fun!

And have a Merry Christmas!!

From Firestone, and Jeremiah here at Theology of Games!





10 responses

13 12 2013

I’ll put this out there on behalf of my own FLGS. I’m not the proprietor, mind you, just a loyal customer:

Raven’s Nest Games
Marietta, GA

I can say that the owner has some of the best prices in town, comparable to Amazon (or lower) while many other shops I visit stick to MSRP.

13 12 2013

Same as that guy ^:

Wizards’ Asylum
Tulsa, OK

13 12 2013
Brad Scott (@BradScottGGC)

Good Games Canberra
Canberra ACT Australia

Long hours, heaps of space

14 12 2013
14 12 2013

I work for an amazing game store and company
Card Kingdom
Seattle, WA

awesome folks, awesome company

14 12 2013
Kylie Prymus

Games Unlimited
2115 Murray Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

35 years in business and still going strong!

15 12 2013
Zach Groenewald

Fanaticus Board Games
Plattekloof Centre, Plattekloof
Cape Town, South Africa

15 12 2013
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

Crazy Squirrel Game Store
464 E Bullard Ave, Suite 105
Fresno, CA 93710

Man, I miss this store – Scott & Jennifer and their crew are fantastic. Great play space, great service, great retail stock… sigh.

17 12 2013

Just a customer, but I’ll put a plug in for Madness Games & Comics in Plano, TX. They’re offering a Buy Two Get One deal on pretty much everything in the store. I managed to get Alien Frontiers, Escape, and something else last year during the sale. in Coppell TX isn’t offering anything incredibly special as far as sales go, but they offer good customer service and free gift wrapping. They have a good selection of games and have a game library from which you can rent games for $5/week or just play there. They’re really good about updating their Facebook page with shipments as they come in so you can see the sorts of games coming into the store.

19 12 2013

I’ll also throw in a plug for my FLGS.
Underhills Games
1747 State Road
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44223
TONS of board games, and lots of unique gamer gifts too!
They also have a pretty respectable MTG counter to buy/sell/trade with you.

You also get a sweet wooden $1 token for every $10 you spend there so you can come back and spend that $1 towards your next purchase.

They also run all kinds of gaming days, host tournaments and all that jazz too. It’s a great little store here in northeast Ohio!

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