Yet Another Podcast! And Yet Another Giveaway…

18 01 2014

reliccoverWe told you we had another podcast in the hopper. But you probably thought we were just blowing smoke. Well guess what? There’s another podcast up RIGHT NOW!

Come on… It’s Saturday. There’s no football on today. So you may as well download it and listen to two dorks talk about our Christmas Gift Guide. Which is out-of-date, now, but that doesn’t make the list any less helpful. We hope.

We also reviewed Relic Expedition, and announced a contest to give away a copy of it, thanks to the fine folks at Foxtrot Games! All you have to do is subscribe to us SOMEWHERE. And every place you subscribe will give you more chances to win, because we’re going to pick one follower from Facebook, and one from Twitter, and one from Instagram, and one from YouTube, and one from the blog—–> And then the winner of each of those will be the finalists for the prize. So following us in each of those categories will give you a better chance of making the finals.

Thanks for listening!




3 responses

18 01 2014
Randy Hoyt

Thanks for reviewing the game! One clarification: the artist for the game is Tyler Segel, and he is a graphic designer. He and I together had the idea to create the game, with me doing the mechanics and him doing the artwork.

19 01 2014

Sorry about the mistake, Randy!

18 03 2014
Today in Board Games Issue #123 -Sails of Glory - Today in Board Games

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