Another Podcast Episode!

29 01 2014

TOGLogoHey! It’s another podcast episode!

We’ve brought back some of our favorite features, including: Fire and Ice, and Fill in the Blank–PLUS, we answer listener questions! How many Star Wars references will we make? Only one way to find out!

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You can find the podcast right here!

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7 responses

30 01 2014

Scott, you said in the podcast that LotR is one of the two LCG’s you are actively buying right now. What is the other?

30 01 2014

Netrunner. So good…

30 01 2014

And I’m sure others are good, too. I just don’t want to ever play them, because I would want to collect those as well, and I’m barely keeping up with two as it is! (Actually, I did play the Star Wars LCG, and was kinda lukewarm on it. No pun intended…)

30 01 2014

The more I think about the Star Wars LCG, I think they rushed it -even though they delayed it over a year to overhaul it- it really needed the Balance of the Force expansion to make it multiplayer. It is SOOOO unbalanced in favor of the dark side as the base game sits…

30 01 2014

So then with Balance of the Force is it fixed? Does having that make it a good game or is it still lacking?

My son has the LotR LCG so I’m loving that game as we play it together and other than Christmas and birthday presents, I’m not spending the money for the expansions. So I was thinking of getting into Netrunner, Star Wars or maybe just treating Summoner Wars like an LCG since they keep releasing new stuff.

30 01 2014

Haven’t ayes it myself. Everyone has told me it fixes it. But if you’re playing two player stick with LOTR Or Netrunner. Balance if the force makes Star Wars a multiplayer game (2 or 3 lightside vs. 1 Darkside) otherwise the Dark aside is way overpowered.

30 01 2014

And Scott, don’t let anyone Force you to play Star Wars LCG…. pun intended.

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