Should Established Publishers be Crowd-Funding Their Games?

28 02 2014

A few weeks ago we told you that Hans im Gluck is preparing to crowd fund the latest edition of Saint Petersburg. Firestone and I (Jeremiah) have recently had some discussions about whether or not it’s right, or a misuse of the crowd funding tools, for well-established publishers to bring new titles–or special edition/big box versions of classic titles–into the marketplace via crowd-funding sites such as Kickstarter. 


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Kickstarter Weekly – Feb. 27, 2014

27 02 2014

What week here at TOG would be complete without us highlighting a handful of games just chomping at the bit to make it to market and your table! So we’ve scoured Kickstarter and come up with these games we feel might interest you.

Featured Campaign

TowerTower: A Board Game of Bullying and Building – Ben Haskett

In Tower you’re attempting to help the king of your realm build, well, a tower. Essentially a resource-management game, with a small amount of worker-placement mixed in, Tower pits players against each other as they try to rush to market to get the resources they need to complete their section of the tower. The components, and illustrations shown on the campaign page, look rich and thematic. There are a lot of stretch goals–some of which are already unlocked–and the price point makes this one pretty easy to get in on. Tower has been in development through PnP on The Game Crafter for two years, so it’s safe to say a lot of kinks have been worked out; this one looks truly market ready!

A pledge of $29 will get you a copy of the game. There’s plenty of time for more stretch goals to be unlocked since the campaign doesn’t end until March 24. You can get all the details and see all of the components: right here!

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Knizia is Back With A New Game from Fantasy Flight

25 02 2014

ageofwarcoverOkay, Knizia’s been working on some things–mostly iOS implementations of his games. But he used to come out with games all the time. And he’s designed some absolute classics. So it’s super exciting to hear about a new game from the Doctor!

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Contest Winner: Who’s Going on a Relic Expedition?

24 02 2014

reliccoverWe were given a few copies of Relic Expedition from Foxtrot Games so we could, 1) review it, and 2) give one away!
We love giving games away to our readers, so it’s with great excitement that we announce the winner of our Relic Expedition contest!

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Kickstarter Weekly–Feb 21, 2014

21 02 2014

As another week of  posts here at TOG comes to a close, we bring you our weekly round-up of titles kicking their way into the gaming industry. As always, there are a ton of campaigns out there seeking your gaming dollar. Please let us know if there’s something we’ve missed that you think is awesome!

Featured Campaign!

MeepsCharacter Meeples – Meeple Source

Not a game, but a really cool way to trick out your old games! What else is there to say!? No longer will your meeples be nameless, faceless worker drones without personality or character! These are cool-looking custom-painted meeples in all sort of races and classes for all of your gaming “needs.” There are a TON of designs to choose from, so there’s bound to be something you’ll like.

You can get in on this until March 16, and $10 gets a complete set of 8 Meeples of a character of your choosing. Or $25 will get you 3 8-Meeple sets. Check out all of the designs and options: right here!

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It’s Your Last Chance for a Free Game!

21 02 2014

reliccoverThis weekend we’ll be giving away a copy of the fun family exploration game Relic Expedition, thanks to the fine folks at Foxtrot Games.

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We Interview Nigel Pyne–Designer of oddball Aeronauts

20 02 2014

oddballlogoToday we’re with Nigel Pyne, co-founder of Maverick Muse, the company behind the current Kickstarter game oddball Aeronauts.

Thanks for joining us Nigel. First, will you tell us a little about yourself?

You’re welcome. Sure: I have a beard. There you go, will that do? Okay, wow, a little bit about myself. I guess this little intro says a bit about me on its own doesn’t it?

Anyway, I’m a game designer by night and as my alter ego I design, build and maintain computer networks. I love games, books, movies and comics in that order. I live with my wife, Debs, and two dogs–Mr Jones the Schnauzer and Lt. Ripley the Welsh Terrier. If I could survive off protein alone, I would, but I also love crumble puddings. Oh and coffee. I could go on? Read the rest of this entry »

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