St. Petersburg is Getting a Reprint

6 02 2014

PetersburgCoverWell…maybe. The game company Hans im Gluck has announced that, thanks to numerous requests from gamers, they’ll be crowd-funding a new edition of St. Petersburg.

The company is going the crowd-funding route because they’re still now sure how popular the reprint will be. If enough people show interest, it’ll happen. If it fizzles, it’ll stay OOP–and prices for the original will likely get a boost.

According to the announcement, the new edition will include:

  • A whole new phase (color) with private deck.
  • Options for a 5th player.
  • A graphical redesign.
  • An updated rulebook.
  • Additional modules.

It’s scheduled to go live in March, on a German crowd-funding site.




6 responses

6 02 2014
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

Any way we could come up with a Theology of Games group investment in the new edition? Particularly if they’d cut us some slack on shipping/price. 🙂

6 02 2014

Don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think St. Petersburg is that good…

6 02 2014
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

I’ll keep it on the down low… but I personally wear my hatred of certain beloved Euros as a badge of honor. I’d rather gnaw off my own leg than play Amun-Re or Taj Mahal again.

6 02 2014

Aaaaaaand that’s the end of the friendship….

6 02 2014

I liked St. Petersburg, but none of my friends did. And since I wasn’t a HUGE fan of it, I didn’t advocate for it. I also sold my copy right before the giant jump in “value” that some are willing to pay.

So, to recap, I lose all the way around.

28 02 2014
Should Established Publishers be Crowd-Funding Their Games? | Theology of Games

[…] few weeks ago we told you that Hans im Gluck is preparing to crowd fund the latest edition of Saint Petersburg. Firestone and […]

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