Eldritch Horror is Getting an Expansion

17 02 2014

EldritchexpFantasy Flight has announced a small expansion for their co-op Lovecraftian game Eldritch Horror, called Forsaken Lore. 

The deck of cards adds over 100 new Encounter cards, 20 Condition cards, and 14 new Mysteries. 

EH02-YigSheetAccording to the press release: 

“Yig’s cultists and the Serpent People make their way across the world, determined to conquer for their master. Savage and sly, these venomous cultists and the serpents under their control unleash a new horror on investigators – a condition called Poisoned. Yig enters the game with six unique mysteries, and your Investigators will need to gather all of their strength and cunning to keep Yig from entering our world. Break the power of the Serpent Crown over the will of the people, and defeat the Winged Serpent Epic Monster in order to world safe once more.”

This will hit second quarter of 2014. What are your thoughts on this expansion? Is it too soon after the regular release for your tastes? Should FF have included this in the original box, rather than going for more $? Do you not care about that at all, and JUST WANT MORE EXPANSION GOODNESS? Let us know in the comments. 

 Thanks for reading!




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