Kickstarter Weekly – March 27, 2014

27 03 2014

Well another week has come and nearly gone, and here we are again with another set of Kickstarter Campaigns that have caught our attention. We think they’re worth taking a quick look at, so we’re going to do that now!

Featured Campaign!

BlindBoard Games: Now Blind Accessible – 64 Oz. Games

64 Oz. Games has developed an ingenious method for making board games accessible for players who are blind. By using an embossing machine and embossing a plastic sticker that adheres to card sleeves, player mats, etc. they will be able to make sets of sleeves which will make popular games accessible and readable for players who are blind. They’ve also developed a way to use QR codes to read large amounts of text on cards through technology already available to the sight impaired. This is a very large undertaking, and a very noble one at that. 64 Oz. Games isn’t the only publisher that is doing their part to make their games accessible, but there is a long list of heavy hitters in the gaming industry who officially support this project. Including: Stonemaier, Rio Grande, Plaid Hat, Minion Games, Crash Games, Indie Boards & Cards and many many more!

The rewards for this campaign are a little unique, but for $25 you can get a copy of Yoink! a tactile micro game, OR a set of braille card sleeves for a “small” game. You can choose from Coloretto, The Resistance, Tichu (1 Deck) or Love Letter (With plastic reference sheets).

The campaign is nearly funded and it ends on April 24. You can check out the full details of the campaign right here.



AllegianceAllegiance: A Realm Divided – Underground Games

In this slick-looking fantasy board game, players employ strategy and tactics while playing as warring heroes on the continent of Anstrus. Allegiance sports some cool art and well-thought-out player mats, as well as other nifty game bits and cards. This one feels much like a fast-playing tabletop RPG, and is said to play in 30-60 minutes. They’ve got a pretty lofty funding goal–we’re guessing it’s to help pay the artists and because they are promising some very uncommon game components. Still, it looks like a fun game and it gets high points for aesthetics!

The campaign ends April 28. A pledge of $55 CAD will get you a copy of the game. You can find all the details right here.


CatacombsCatacombs – Elzra Games

Catacombs the 1st edition–winner of a Golden Geek and several other industry awards–was first released in 2010. For those who don’t know, it’s a game of wooden disc-flicking and dungeon-crawling. Players team up against one other player who is controlling all the monsters in the catacombs; attacks are made by flicking your discs at the monsters and striking them. In this new edition Elzra games is tuning up the game a bit after taking in tons of fan and playtesting feedback, including brand-new stylized art. They’ve already hit their funding goal so every pledge now just pushes them closer to more stretch goals!

The campaign ends on April 16. A pledge of $55 CAD will score you a copy along with any unlocked stretch goals. The campaign and all of the details can be found right here!


Dungeon Calendar365 Dungeons – 2015 Daily Dungeon Desk Calendar – Fantasy Printing

A dungeon a day keeps the orcses away. This nifty little desk calendar will give you 365 pen and paper dungeons to solve–yes, that’s one for each day. But this is a monumental task so we understand the time it takes. There doesn’t seem to be much in the way of stretch goals–a few color dungeons and prints for those who add on pdfs–but there are a few add-ons such as extra calendars, and PDFs of all the 365 dungeons.

They’ve smashed through their funding goal and the campaign ends in just a few days on March 29! A pledge of $19 will get you a calendar, and an additional $17 will get you another. You can find out all the details right here!


Well that’s it for this week’s Kickstarter Weekly! We know there are countless awesome things happening over on Kickstarter so we probably missed more than a few! Please let us know what we missed in the comments below, and if you’re campaigning on KS shoot us an email and maybe we’ll feature your campaign next week!

Thanks for reading!

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3 responses

27 03 2014
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

If I didn’t already own a complete set of Catacombs stuff, I’d back it in a heartbeat. It’s a great game.

27 03 2014

The new artwork looks pretty cool. I like that stylized stuff, and it’s rarely used in board games.

27 03 2014

I don’t own it, it looks like a fun game with an interesting twist on a classic theme, I agree with Scott the artwork looks cool and makes it more accessible to non gamers/families too.

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