Welcome to Theology of Games, a collaboration of Scott Firestone IV and Jeremiah Isley.

What is TOG all about?

We’re here to give you reviews and news on the board gaming industry from a ministry point of view. Board games are getting huge out there; it’s not just Monopoly anymore. Sometimes the games contain subject matter that may be questionable or elements of culture that may not be “kosher” for all. We aren’t here to draw lines for anyone, but we’d like to clear up some of the gray areas and let you know through our reviews where some of the questionable content may lie in these games. If there’s nothing to say, so much the better! Plus we want you to know if the game is fun!

“As a follower of Christ and an avid gamer I’ve always found it somewhat tedious when selecting games. Why? Because let’s face it…when you delve into the world of dorkdom, topics relating to magic, wizards, and the supernatural often walk hand-in-hand out there. And that’s where the thrust of this blog lies: to help youth workers, parents, and students alike know what they’re getting into before they drop $50 on the latest and greatest board game.” – Jeremiah

Please know that we don’t have an agenda; we’re not going to try and “convert” you at the end of every review. “Ticket To Ride is a great game, but you know what the best ticket is? The one that gets you into heaven!” Lame.

You can expect weekly reviews, along with news and other articles mixed in throughout the week.
Thanks for reading, tell your friends, and enjoy!
Firestone and Jeremiah

8 responses

11 11 2013

Great service. Hope you end up being the “plugged in” for board games. Thanks

27 11 2013

Cool idea for a blog! As a pastor and someone who enjoys games, I look forward to reading your posts.

27 11 2013

Thanks, Steven!

16 01 2014
Call of Abraham

Hey, thought you’d like to know about “Call of Abraham,” a very cool Biblical video game on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/callofabraham

18 03 2014
Lamp Light Games (@Lamp_Light_)

I’ve known about your stuff for a while but only today did I put things together and realize your Christians as well! It’s great to connect with brothers who share the gaming passion as well.

18 03 2014

Hmmm… Maybe we need to do some self-examination if people don’t know we’re Christians… 😉

We try to only talk about the theological implications of a game if it’s really necessary. We don’t want to try and shoehorn some “Jesus talk” into every review. Thanks for checking us out, Lamp Light Games!

18 03 2014

Maybe we should also post our review of Space Junk too!
I really enjoyed it, it’s a fun well-balanced game! 😀

18 03 2014
Lamp Light Games (@Lamp_Light_)

Thinking back I remember wondering about your name (Theology of Games) and had my suspicions, just hadn’t invested the time to really get to know you guys yet. My fault!

Mike Friesen

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