IOS Games on Sale!

18 04 2014

LordsPlaydek, one of the larger names in iOS board games, is having a sale on a few games.

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Arctic Scavengers Might Get an Expansion–And You Can Help

14 04 2014

ArcticThat’s right. Arctic Scavengers, the unique and long-suffering deck-building game from Kyle Gabhart, could get an expansion–one he’s been working on for years. But this will only happen with our help. But first: backstory!

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Affordable Custom Dice–PLUS a Contest!

9 04 2014

Custom Dice1Here’s a cool project that recently came to our attention. Custom Game Lab has figured out a way to make custom dice for an affordable price. They were kind enough to send us some samples, so we took them for a whirl.

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Happy Tabletop Day!

5 04 2014

tabletopday5x5feet-logoIf you didn’t know by now, today is International TableTop Day, an international holiday created by TableTop host and geek ambassador Wil Wheaton. Folks are encouraged to share a game with friends, family and maybe a complete stranger or two along the way, in an effort to promote the hobby and the social interaction that seems to be missing in this digital world. We’re sure most of you are busy playing and not reading blog posts today, but we thought we’d ask you what you’re playing today?

Also, we thought it would be helpful to point out that: in order to help celebrate the day, Amazon has put some great classics on sale at huge discounts. You can find them all by clicking this link, right here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your TableTop Day!

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‘You Weren’t on Any Mercy Mission…’ The Tantive IV!

4 04 2014

Tantive-iv–by Jeremiah

One of my favorite ships in the entire Star Wars universe has been re-created for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games. In an announcement Friday, April 4 Fantasy Flight unveiled details and images of the renowned CR90 Corellian Corvette. Check out more info below the jump!

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You Say You Want a Reformation: Coup is Expanding!

1 04 2014

CoupReformationCoverBy Firestone

Hot on the heels of their successful Coup campaign of last year, Indie Boards and Cards have just launched a Kickstarter campaign for Coup: Reformation.

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Fantasy Flight Brings Us a New LCG: Warhammer 40K

24 03 2014

WH40KCoverThe LCG model must be paying off for Fantasy Flight because they’ve just announced a brand-new one…

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Commemorate D-Day with a New Memoir ’44 Expansion

20 03 2014

MemoirDdayBy Firestone

Days of Wonder released Memoir ’44 nearly 10 years ago–on the 60th anniversary of the D-Day invasion of WWII. On their 10th anniversary, and the 70th anniversary of D-Day, they’re releasing a new expansion for their hit game.

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Two New Games from Bezier Games

18 03 2014

SubdivisionCoverHot on the heels of recent hits such as Suburbia, Inc. and One Night Ultimate Werewolf, Bezier Games has announced two upcoming games to add to their lineup.

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IOS Board Games–One Free and One on Sale!

14 03 2014

suburbiacoverIt’s Friday! What a great time to download some iOS -iPad only- board games for free and on sale!

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