A Preview of Tuscany, the Viticulture Expansion

8 04 2014

TuscanyBy Firestone

A few weeks ago Jamey Stegmaier sent me a preview copy of Tuscany, the Viticulture expansion, and I was able to get in a few games with it. So is this expansion worth your money, or is it just sour grapes?

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Hegemonic–A Double-Take Review

13 02 2014

hegemonicSpace, the final frontier…

Hegemonic is a new 4X game for 2-6 players from Minion Games. For those who may not be familiar with 4X games the four X’s stand for eXplore, eXpand, eXploit and eXterminate. So maybe they should be called 4-eX games? Anyway. Hegemonic takes place in space, as players act as the rulers of different “houses” looking to expand their reach and control in the galaxy. What did we think of Hegemonic and the final frontier? Let’s take a look!

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Relic Expedition—A Double-Take Review

28 01 2014

reliccoverSeptember 13, 1997–I brought the machete down again and again today–cutting a swath through the dense jungle. It’s been days since we’ve seen anything besides this oppressive jungle and more bugs than I thought existed in the entirety of the world. As the son was setting, we did run across a pair of giant paw-prints. I pray we don’t meet their owner…

It’s been a few years since an exploration game broke any new ground. But newcomers Foxtrot Games are hoping to change that with their first game: Relic Expedition. So how is it? Let’s see…

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Kickstarter Weekly – Sept. 26, 2013

26 09 2013

It’s that time of week again, that special time when we bring you some really cool games that are trying to scratch and claw their way onto the gaming market. Will they make it? Will they fail miserably? Only you can decide!

So buckle up, and hold onto your hats, it’s time for Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

Keep the CrownKeep the Crown – Jamal Jamie

We’ve received review copies of this one, and the initial impressions are pretty good right now. It’s a game that kids can play well, but also one that adults won’t dread pulling out… “Oh. You want to play Candy Land… Again.” The rules have many layers to increase difficulty and strategy, and there’s enough randomness to keep the replayability pretty high.

The campaign ends Oct. 30 and a pledge of $40 will score you a copy of the base game. Check it out here!


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Chicken Caesar! A Mini-Review

25 09 2013

chicken Caesar box– by Jeremiah

A few weeks ago I wrote about my inability to get Chicken Caesar on the table. Well, we had a breakthrough a few nights ago and managed to fumble our way through a first playthrough. So my opinions aren’t yet complete, nor is my full understanding of the rules. (There’s a lot going on here!) I thought since it has been so long since receiving the review copy I would at least update everyone on the status, and give some initial thoughts. So, here goes…

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Railways Express—A Double-Take Review (Plus a Video Review)

17 09 2013

RailwaysCoverWhen a train goes through a tunnel and it gets dark, you don’t throw away the ticket and jump off. You sit still and trust the engineer. ~Corrie Ten Boom

Today we’re taking a look at the new game from Eagle Games, Railways Express, which is a stripped-down version of the Railways of the World series. So what do we think? Let’s find out…

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Michael Coe Founder of Gamelyn Games – an Interview

3 09 2013

We’re very excited today to have a chat with Michael Coe, founder of Gamelyn Games, and designer of Dungeon Heroes, about the newest title scheduled for release from Gamelyn Games, Fantasy Frontier!

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