In Case You Didn’t Notice, We’ve Moved!

28 04 2014

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that clicking on  this url: takes you to a completely different-looking site than it has in the past nearly 2 years.

The reason for that is simple: We’ve moved. We’re always striving for ways to do what we do better. So the time has finally come for us to say farewell to WordPress and migrate to a different hosting service.

What does this mean for you, our loyal and faithful readers? A few things–don’t worry it’s nothing major.

1 – Going to simply takes you to the new site. We’ve migrated ALL of our previous posts to the new site, and we now have a nifty search bar that will allow you to search via keywords etc. through our archives.

2 – If you subscribed to our site through your WordPress account, you’ll need to resubscribe. If you subscribed using an email address, we’ve ported that over to the new system. WE WILL NEVER SELL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We only use them to push out new content; it’s just like it was before, only under a new system. We’ve put a convenient subscription field on our sidebar of the new site. The same goes for your RSS feed; here’s our new RSS feed:

3 – We’ll be more awesome than ever! We hope! Please let us know if you find anything weird. I mean, weirder than that picture of Jeremiah as the back end of a My Little Pony cosplay…

Thanks so much for all of your support over the first phase of TOG; we’re excited to move forward into this new era!

~Jeremiah & Firestone

Voodoo Island–A Preview

22 04 2014

VoodooCoverA few weeks ago The Flux Capacity sent me a prototype of their new game, Voodoo Island. There are multiple modes of play in this little tile-laying game, but I was sent the rules for the 2-player game. So what did I think? I’m glad you asked…

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Happy Tabletop Day!

5 04 2014

tabletopday5x5feet-logoIf you didn’t know by now, today is International TableTop Day, an international holiday created by TableTop host and geek ambassador Wil Wheaton. Folks are encouraged to share a game with friends, family and maybe a complete stranger or two along the way, in an effort to promote the hobby and the social interaction that seems to be missing in this digital world. We’re sure most of you are busy playing and not reading blog posts today, but we thought we’d ask you what you’re playing today?

Also, we thought it would be helpful to point out that: in order to help celebrate the day, Amazon has put some great classics on sale at huge discounts. You can find them all by clicking this link, right here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your TableTop Day!

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Kickstarter Weekly – March 27, 2014

27 03 2014

Well another week has come and nearly gone, and here we are again with another set of Kickstarter Campaigns that have caught our attention. We think they’re worth taking a quick look at, so we’re going to do that now!

Featured Campaign!

BlindBoard Games: Now Blind Accessible – 64 Oz. Games

64 Oz. Games has developed an ingenious method for making board games accessible for players who are blind. By using an embossing machine and embossing a plastic sticker that adheres to card sleeves, player mats, etc. they will be able to make sets of sleeves which will make popular games accessible and readable for players who are blind. They’ve also developed a way to use QR codes to read large amounts of text on cards through technology already available to the sight impaired. This is a very large undertaking, and a very noble one at that. 64 Oz. Games isn’t the only publisher that is doing their part to make their games accessible, but there is a long list of heavy hitters in the gaming industry who officially support this project. Including: Stonemaier, Rio Grande, Plaid Hat, Minion Games, Crash Games, Indie Boards & Cards and many many more!

The rewards for this campaign are a little unique, but for $25 you can get a copy of Yoink! a tactile micro game, OR a set of braille card sleeves for a “small” game. You can choose from Coloretto, The Resistance, Tichu (1 Deck) or Love Letter (With plastic reference sheets).

The campaign is nearly funded and it ends on April 24. You can check out the full details of the campaign right here.


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Kickstarter Weekly – Feb. 27, 2014

27 02 2014

What week here at TOG would be complete without us highlighting a handful of games just chomping at the bit to make it to market and your table! So we’ve scoured Kickstarter and come up with these games we feel might interest you.

Featured Campaign

TowerTower: A Board Game of Bullying and Building – Ben Haskett

In Tower you’re attempting to help the king of your realm build, well, a tower. Essentially a resource-management game, with a small amount of worker-placement mixed in, Tower pits players against each other as they try to rush to market to get the resources they need to complete their section of the tower. The components, and illustrations shown on the campaign page, look rich and thematic. There are a lot of stretch goals–some of which are already unlocked–and the price point makes this one pretty easy to get in on. Tower has been in development through PnP on The Game Crafter for two years, so it’s safe to say a lot of kinks have been worked out; this one looks truly market ready!

A pledge of $29 will get you a copy of the game. There’s plenty of time for more stretch goals to be unlocked since the campaign doesn’t end until March 24. You can get all the details and see all of the components: right here!

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Con You Help Us Out?

5 02 2014

khaaaanWe here at TOG, love gaming cons… Well at least I (Jeremiah) do. Firestone often sulks from afar because most of the major cons happen states–if not time zones–away.

Anyway, while there are some large staples in the gaming con universe: GenCon, Origins, Spiel Con, BGG Con, today we thought we’d make an open place for folks to inform others of the diamonds in the rough. It seems that unless you peruse the bulletin boards at your FLGS you won’t hear much about the local cons in your area.

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A quick look at Ninja Dice, Coming Soon!

9 01 2014


Hey everyone, we hope you enjoyed our interview with designer and publisher of Ninja Dice – Jeff Gracia and Rocco Privetera.

Jeff just sent us a sweet image of the pre-production units!
We think these look awesome!
Did you back Ninja Dice?? What do you think? We’re excited to see the final product!

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