Scott Firestone IV is the editor of Group Magazine and He’s also a lay leader in his church’s youth ministry.

He always loved games, but didn’t know there was anything beyond Monopoly until he walked into a game store and accepted the invitation to come to a game night. He played High Society and Goa that first night, and his head nearly exploded with joy.

Since then he’s collected over 400 games and expansions, and he plays some of them every Tuesday night with a bunch of friends.

He’s always ready to try something new…

You can follow Scott on Twitter, @Firestone

One response

16 05 2013

how would you fix, the card game game problem! I am working on one, and found the same problems and need help! what would be the best way to give gamers a game they play for little money and still have the game makers, make money any help would be great.

thank you

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