Another Podcast Episode!

29 01 2014

TOGLogoHey! It’s another podcast episode!

We’ve brought back some of our favorite features, including: Fire and Ice, and Fill in the Blank–PLUS, we answer listener questions! How many Star Wars references will we make? Only one way to find out!

Click the link after the jump to download the latest episode -or any that you’ve missed- and while you’re there, be sure to subscribe to the podcast!

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Podcast #3 and a New Contest—We’re Giving Away Pixel Lincoln!

22 10 2013

pixelcoverHey everyone!

We’re super excited about everything that’s moving and shaking here at Theology of Games. We’re happy to announce that our third episode of the Theology of Games Podcast is up and running and available for download on iTunes!

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Fluxx: The Board Game – So Who Won?

10 08 2013

20130810-214738.jpgWe have been extremely happy to host a number of contests over the past 6 weeks or so. And they just keep getting better, and better.
We’re humbled to be able to partner with such great folks in the industry to bring these to you, and most recently we’ve joined forces with the great folks at Looney Labs to give away a copy of the very newly released Fluxx: The Board Game! So who won? Read on!

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Blogiversary Giveaway #3!

15 07 2013

We’ve definitely had a lot of fun the first two weeks of this month, giving away some great games to our great readers. It’s like Christmas in July here on TOG, and we’re loving it!

This week is no different, and we are beyond excited about the game we’re giving away! Well, what is it?

This week we’re partying, like a boss.

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Wanna Win This?

10 07 2013

photo (24)If you were around last week, you know that we gave away a copy of The Great Heartland Hauling Co. to a very lucky individual!

This week we’re giving away a free copy of Sunrise City from Clever Mojo Games! In fact, it’s the very same copy pictured here!

How? Easy…

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Happy Independence Day! Want Free Stuff?

4 07 2013

fireworks– by Jeremiah

For those of you who are reading from the US we don’t need to tell you that today is the day we celebrate our independence as a country. We are grateful for a country where we have the freedom to write our thoughts, speak our minds, and worship our God! So what better way to celebrate than to eat delicious food, and watch flashy explosions in the sky!? Well blowing up stuff of your own would be fun, except the state of Ohio is one of the few states in America’s heartland that doesn’t allow its citizens to set off fireworks on their own.


Speaking of the heartland… You can celebrate our country’s independence yet another way: by entering to win a free

copy of Jason Kotarski’sThe Great Heartland Hauling Co.” from Dice Hate Me Games. We couldn’t be more excited about that—we really LOVE this game!! How?? I’m glad you asked!

It’s simple: This month, as we celebrate our blogiversary, we’ll be giving away as much stuff as we can get our hands on! And as our way of thanking our readers, we’re giving them away to the folks who have subscribed to the blog.

So, get yourself entered by typing your email address into the box over on the right ——>

And then tell your friends and family about our contest and have them do the same; yes, this does lower your chances of winning yourself, but it makes our little marketing scheme a success and will enable us to keep doing cool stuff like this in the future! (Plus, if your mom wins, she’ll probably just give it to you anyway…) If you’re already subscribed, then you’re already entered; thank you for supporting us during our first year!

Thanks as always for reading! If no one read, we wouldn’t be able to do what we do, so we truly do appreciate it. And best of luck in our contest!

Don’t forget you can find us all sorts of places on the interwebs: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube!!

Happy 4th of July!

Pixel Lincoln Challenge!

25 03 2013

We’re starting the week off with a sort of Kickstarter-ish bit of info for you—that includes a cool challenge.

Jason Tagmire, designer of the eagerly anticipated Pixel Lincoln card game, has designed a Pixel Lincoln Bicycle deck (which is currently in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign), and has also issued a challenge to YOU.

They’re looking for some folks to design a game around the theme of the deck—could be a trick-taking game, set, building, solitaire anything. You may have always thought, “Hey, it would be cool to design my own card game.” Well this is your chance to get your feet wet. And then dry them off and design a game. There’s a whole lot more information over on the Kickstarter page for the campaign; you can follow this link for the details!

Thanks for reading, and we appreciate all the social media love! Look us up on Facebook and Twitter!

Here’s a look at the spiffy deck!


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