‘You Weren’t on Any Mercy Mission…’ The Tantive IV!

4 04 2014

Tantive-iv–by Jeremiah

One of my favorite ships in the entire Star Wars universe has been re-created for the Star Wars X-Wing Miniatures Game by Fantasy Flight Games. In an announcement Friday, April 4 Fantasy Flight unveiled details and images of the renowned CR90 Corellian Corvette. Check out more info below the jump!

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Fantasy Flight Brings Us a New LCG: Warhammer 40K

24 03 2014

WH40KCoverThe LCG model must be paying off for Fantasy Flight because they’ve just announced a brand-new one…

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Eldritch Horror is Getting an Expansion

17 02 2014

EldritchexpFantasy Flight has announced a small expansion for their co-op Lovecraftian game Eldritch Horror, called Forsaken Lore. 

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Fantasy Flight is Bringing Back 1st Edition Descent. Kinda.

13 01 2014

DJ26-box-leftA couple of years back, Fantasy Flight decided to reboot their popular dungeon-crawling, RPGing franchise Descent. People who had the 1st edition could still use their monsters and heroes—they just had to track down a copy of the Conversion Kit that Fantasy Flight put out. Well, now they’re making it easier to bring those 1st edition items into your 2.0 game.

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Fantasy Flight Releases the Trollfens Expansion for Descent 2.0

15 10 2013


By Firestone

Fantasy Flight has released another “small” expansion for its hit dungeon-crawler, RPG, board game Descent—this time you’ll be taking a trip to the dangerous Trollfens…

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Blue Moon is Coming Back in Print!

29 08 2013

BlueMoonLegendsBy Firestone

This is seriously good news, folks. Back in 2004, designer Reiner Knizia came out with what was really the first LCG: Blue Moon. It and the expansion decks slowly went out of print, and they were recently fetching big bucks on the secondary market. That’s all about to change…

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Fantasy Flight Announces Battlelore 2nd Edition

21 08 2013

battlelore2ndFantasy Flight has announced a second edition of their popular squad-based 2-player game Battlelore—based on Richard Borg’s Command & Colors system, used in games such as Battlecry and Memoir ’44.

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