IOS Sale—Small World 2: 50% Off

19 12 2013

SmallWorld2Here at Theology Of Games, we’re big fans of the game Small World. And you can now get the iOS version of Small World 2 for a small-er price!

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Cyber Monday IOS Board Game Deals

2 12 2013

TigrisIOSYa know what’s way better than getting up at 3 AM to fight insane crowds for a new crock pot? Sitting on your butt on Monday and getting great deals on board games for your i-device.

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Pandemic iOS App: On Sale for Thanksgiving

27 11 2013

PandemicThe fine folks at Z-Man Games are giving us something to be thankful for!

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IOS Sale: Board Games for $.99!

8 11 2013

lehavrecoveriOS game publisher Codito is having a sale on their games right now. Not sure how long it’ll last.

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Kickstarter Digital: The Manhattan Project

5 11 2013

manhattanMinion Games, makers of the new 4x game Hegemonic, and Kingdom Of Solomon, have launched a Kickstarter for a digital version of their game The Manhattan Project.

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Some iOS Board Games on Sale (And Free!)

27 09 2013

ghoststoriesBy Firestone

So, given a choice, I’m ALWAYS going to choose a face-to-face game over a digital one. In fact, I have some great games on my iPad, but I almost never play them. But I have friends who love playing iOS games, and some people don’t have a gaming group, so it’s this or nothing. Whatever your circumstance, if you’re interested in iOS games, you might want to jump on these deals…

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Eclipse is Out on the iPad!

30 04 2013

EclipseRacesby Firestone

Overnight, the very popular science-fiction conquest game went live on the iPad—it’s called Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy. Eclipse is a 4X game—eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, and eXterminate. It’s made by Big Daddy’s Creations, who did a slick job with their iOS version of Neuroshima Hex. By all accounts, this game is just as slick. The price is $6.99—which is much, much cheaper than the physical version. At some point it will almost certainly go on sale (I picked up their Neuroshima Hex game on a sale a year ago). It does have an AI, and it does have pass-and-play and asynchronous multiplayer—and it supports up to six players.

EclipsePlanetsIn addition, it has seven species, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. And there’s an in-game tutorial to help you get started.

I’ve played the physical version, and it’s a lot of game. If you like space-conquest games at all, consider checking out Eclipse.

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