Kickstarter Weekly – Sept. 26, 2013

26 09 2013

It’s that time of week again, that special time when we bring you some really cool games that are trying to scratch and claw their way onto the gaming market. Will they make it? Will they fail miserably? Only you can decide!

So buckle up, and hold onto your hats, it’s time for Kickstarter Weekly!

Featured Campaign

Keep the CrownKeep the Crown – Jamal Jamie

We’ve received review copies of this one, and the initial impressions are pretty good right now. It’s a game that kids can play well, but also one that adults won’t dread pulling out… “Oh. You want to play Candy Land… Again.” The rules have many layers to increase difficulty and strategy, and there’s enough randomness to keep the replayability pretty high.

The campaign ends Oct. 30 and a pledge of $40 will score you a copy of the base game. Check it out here!


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