Happy Tabletop Day!

5 04 2014

tabletopday5x5feet-logoIf you didn’t know by now, today is International TableTop Day, an international holiday created by TableTop host and geek ambassador Wil Wheaton. Folks are encouraged to share a game with friends, family and maybe a complete stranger or two along the way, in an effort to promote the hobby and the social interaction that seems to be missing in this digital world. We’re sure most of you are busy playing and not reading blog posts today, but we thought we’d ask you what you’re playing today?

Also, we thought it would be helpful to point out that: in order to help celebrate the day, Amazon has put some great classics on sale at huge discounts. You can find them all by clicking this link, right here!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your TableTop Day!

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TableTop Joins The Resistance!

25 04 2013

ResistanceBy Firestone

A number of months ago we told you about TableTop, Wil Wheaton’s Internet board game show. Well, the latest show has them playing my favorite game: The Resistance. If you’ve wondered what is so great about this game, this is a great chance to watch a group of people actually playing. You’ll see paranoia, accusations, mistakes, subterfuge, and all of the others things that make me love this game so much—and they aren’t even particularly good at it! Be aware: They do occasionally curse. Some of the “big ones” are bleeped out. Others aren’t.

Today is International TableTop Day!

30 03 2013

tabletopThe popular Wil Weaton-hosted YouTube board game show, TableTop, has declared today TableTop Day. That’s just an excuse to play games all day, but there are some corporate sponsors for the day, who have partnered with some game stores for giveaways and promos. For instance, some stores will be getting promo cards for The Resistance that have the science fiction spy images along with the words Merlin and Assassin on them, so you can easily add those roles to the original game.

I’ll (Firestone) be joining in on the fun with some guys from my game group. You should, too. You can go here to find out if your Friendly Local game Store is hosting an event. And then go down for a few hours and support this day of gaming! Or just play some games at home with your family!

Have a great Easter weekend!

We’re Back! Plus, International TableTop Day…

7 03 2013
Resistance at the hotel Starbucks...

Resistance at the hotel Starbucks…

Well, we’re back from Indiana, and trying to put out fires and get caught up. It was so busy that we only had time to play a couple of games of The Resistance: Avalon—at 1 in the morning at the hotel Starbucks. But at least we got to play!

Anyway, the big news in the gaming world is that Geek & Sundry’s hit YouTube show TableTop has announced International TableTop Day, on March 30, 2013. This seems like merely an excuse to get together and play games—which we’re fine with. It’s a celebration of the 1-year anniversary of the show. Some big publishers are offering promotional materials for the event, so hit up their Web site for the details and to find an event near you…


Board Games Get a Geeky Apologist

30 07 2012

Wil Wheaton has maintained his Geek cred, despite years of being everyone’s favorite whipping boy from Star Trek: The Next Generation. From guest spots on The Big Bang Theory to celebrity roleplaying panels at gaming conventions, he wears his Geek Badge with pride. Well now he’s bringing boardgames out of the darkness into…well, slightly less darkness. Geek & Sundry is a series of YouTube videos designed to increase the amount of unique content on the site. There are numerous “channels”—including one on fantasy and science fiction books, and one on various Dark Horse comics. Wil’s hosting one called Tabletop that deals with board gaming. He and a few of his friends get together and play a game. They introduce the rules gradually and visually, and you get to see a whole game played through. The production is slick, and they skip over some of the slower parts. Depending on the guest, sometimes the banter can get off-color. But we applaud his effort to make our geeky hobby just a little more mainstream.

You can check out the episode where they play Small World—with Mythbuster‘s Grant Imahara—here. Or the Castle Panic episode here. (Caution: language.)

Stay tuned tomorrow for our own review of Castle Panic. See you then, and thanks for reading!

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