See You in a Few Days!

28 06 2012

We’ll be going “live” in a few days here at Theology of Games, and quite frankly we’re pretty excited about that!

Here are a few things to check out in the meantime:

Facebook – Yes, who DOESN’T have a Facebook page these days—not us! If the inclination strikes you, head on over and “like” us on Facebook!

Twitter – We’re getting our Twitter machine fired up too; give us a follow, won’t you? @TheologyofGames

Authors – You can also follow the co-authors of Theology of Games, Scott Firestone IV – @Firestone and Jeremiah Isley – @JeremiahIsley

We’ll also be running a contest or two over our first couple weeks, so stay tuned here and on all our social media outlets for more information about how to enter and win some free games!

We’re looking forward to getting things off the ground soon, and hope you’ll enjoy the epic adventures we’re about to embark on!

Coming Soon!

1 06 2012

We here at Theology of Games are certain that the public is clamoring for a behind-the-scenes sneak preview of what they can expect from So we thought we’d take few minutes to introduce ourselves and quell your insatiable curiosity.

Theology of Games is a blog, written by two friends who are followers of Christ, and happen to also be passionate about board gaming. You can expect to see frequent game reviews, along with gaming news, and our general thoughts on gaming and other features that we hope you will find humorous. Theology of Games is a blog for anyone, in any walk of life. Whether you’re an avid gamer, a parent or friend of an avid gamer, or someone who works in ministry and wants to know what those gamer kids are playing, this blog is for you.

TOG is written by:
Scott Firestone IV – A magazine editor and writer, so him make words more gooder. He’s also a lay leader in his church’s youth ministry.
Jeremiah Isley – A Youth Director from Northeast Ohio who has been in Youth Ministry nearly 9 years, and a gamer for… well a lot more than you can imagine.

Check back on July 1st when we officially launch this thing. It’ll be epic!

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