Why We Play Games in My House

31 07 2013

photo (29)By Jeremiah

It occurred to me just a few nights ago while playing a prototype version of the Kickstarting Pigpen with my family, that some of the more deep and meaningful side benefits of playing games—sitting at a table instead of staring at the TV screen—were coming to fruition in my boys.

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A Special Interview w/ Unicorn City Director Bryan Lefler

30 07 2013

Tunicorncoveroday we’re once again playing a bit against type,  as we have a little sit-down with Bryan Lefler, Editor, Writer, and Director of the film Unicorn City, which is a wonderful and funny movie about gamers.

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Another Contest! We’re Giving Away Fluxx: The Board Game!

29 07 2013

FluxxDo you like chaos? Well how about Milk & Cookies? Well do you at least like free games?! Good! We like giving them away!

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Race For the Galaxy: Alien Artifacts Delayed. Again. (Plus a Bonus Rant!)

29 07 2013

AlienBy Firestone

I’m starting to think we’re going to discover actual alien artifacts before the new Race For the Galaxy expansion is released…

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Kickstarter Weekly: Game Salute Special!

26 07 2013

Well, like we said: Game Salute is busy powering a bunch of Kickstarter Campaigns, and bringing a bunch of games to market! So we thought we would dedicate an entire post to campaigns that wear the Game Salute brand, so here we go!

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Awesome Level 9000—A Double-Take Review (Plus a Video!)

26 07 2013

SU2-BoxWelcome to Theology Of Games’ very first Double-Take Video Review! We’re still going to do the written review, but we’re experimenting with some video reviews and previews. Yes, we know this video is raw—and we made lots of mistakes and have lots of things to learn. But we’re going to get better!

So check after the jump for the written and video review…

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Kickstarter Weekly—July 25, 2013

25 07 2013

Hey everyone! Welcome to yet another installment of Kickstarter Weekly! There are a lot of projects on Kickstarter asking for your hard-earned dollar—some are good, some are great, and others… We write this piece every week to let you know which ones we’re excited about and hopefully give you some useful information along the way!

Let’s get started –

pack of heroesPack of Heroes – Adventureland Games

Set in an alternate vintage comic book universe (that totally doesn’t exist) Pack of Heroes is a 2-player head-to-head card game battle. Using your heroes and their abilities the goal is basic: Defeat your opponent! If nothing else this game looks super stylized and has awesome fake retro art! $20 gets you a copy of the game and all unlocked stretch goals. They’ve already funded so every backer will push them onward toward those stretch goals. Plus there are some sweet add-ons including T-shirts and action figures! You can find the campaign here.

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Sooie!! An Interview with Pigpen Dev Team Kevin Kulp & Jason Tagmire

24 07 2013

pigpenToday we’re once again joined by our good friend Jason Tagmire. You may know him as the guy who designed Pixel Lincoln and Maximum Throwdown, but today he’s wearing a different hat: developer of a new game by Kevin Kulp, titled PigPen. And look! He’s brought along designer Kevin to talk about PigPen, and the roles that each have had in preparing the game to get it to market.

Jason, Kevin, thanks for joining us today!

Epic Death—A Preview

23 07 2013

By Jeremiah

“You only live twice:
Once when you’re born
And once when you look death in the face.” 
― Ian Fleming, You Only Live Twice

And thrice when you get brought back to life by a resurrect card…

epic death boxToday we’re looking at a prototype of the card game Epic Death, from Waits in Graves; the game was successfully Kickstarted by Springboard—Game Salute’s Kickstarter juggernaut.

Let’s talk about how the game plays…

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A Preview of the Waterdeep Expansion: Scoundrels of Skullport

22 07 2013

SkullportCoverWizards of the Coast has given us a sneak peek at the upcoming expansion for the hit worker-placement game Lords Of Waterdeep. It’s called Scoundrels of Skullport, and it actually has not one but TWO expansions in it! Plus, how sweet does that cover look?!

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