In Case You Didn’t Notice, We’ve Moved!

28 04 2014

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that clicking on  this url: takes you to a completely different-looking site than it has in the past nearly 2 years.

The reason for that is simple: We’ve moved. We’re always striving for ways to do what we do better. So the time has finally come for us to say farewell to WordPress and migrate to a different hosting service.

What does this mean for you, our loyal and faithful readers? A few things–don’t worry it’s nothing major.

1 – Going to simply takes you to the new site. We’ve migrated ALL of our previous posts to the new site, and we now have a nifty search bar that will allow you to search via keywords etc. through our archives.

2 – If you subscribed to our site through your WordPress account, you’ll need to resubscribe. If you subscribed using an email address, we’ve ported that over to the new system. WE WILL NEVER SELL YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS. We only use them to push out new content; it’s just like it was before, only under a new system. We’ve put a convenient subscription field on our sidebar of the new site. The same goes for your RSS feed; here’s our new RSS feed:

3 – We’ll be more awesome than ever! We hope! Please let us know if you find anything weird. I mean, weirder than that picture of Jeremiah as the back end of a My Little Pony cosplay…

Thanks so much for all of your support over the first phase of TOG; we’re excited to move forward into this new era!

~Jeremiah & Firestone

Voodoo Island–A Preview

22 04 2014

VoodooCoverA few weeks ago The Flux Capacity sent me a prototype of their new game, Voodoo Island. There are multiple modes of play in this little tile-laying game, but I was sent the rules for the 2-player game. So what did I think? I’m glad you asked…

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IOS Games on Sale!

18 04 2014

LordsPlaydek, one of the larger names in iOS board games, is having a sale on a few games.

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Arctic Scavengers Might Get an Expansion–And You Can Help

14 04 2014

ArcticThat’s right. Arctic Scavengers, the unique and long-suffering deck-building game from Kyle Gabhart, could get an expansion–one he’s been working on for years. But this will only happen with our help. But first: backstory!

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Bullfrogs–A Double-Take Review

10 04 2014

Jeremiah was a bullfrog,

was a good friend of mine!
Never understood a single word he said,
but I would help him drink his wine!

– Three Dog Night

Bullfrogs CoverIn Bullfrogs players take command of their frog forces in a battle for supreme power and control of the pond! Bullfrogs is a tactical area-control game with a constantly changing game surface. So how does one control an army of frog forces and reign over the pond? Glad you asked; let’s jump in!

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Affordable Custom Dice–PLUS a Contest!

9 04 2014

Custom Dice1Here’s a cool project that recently came to our attention. Custom Game Lab has figured out a way to make custom dice for an affordable price. They were kind enough to send us some samples, so we took them for a whirl.

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A Preview of Tuscany, the Viticulture Expansion

8 04 2014

TuscanyBy Firestone

A few weeks ago Jamey Stegmaier sent me a preview copy of Tuscany, the Viticulture expansion, and I was able to get in a few games with it. So is this expansion worth your money, or is it just sour grapes?

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