Arctic Scavengers Might Get an Expansion–And You Can Help

14 04 2014

ArcticThat’s right. Arctic Scavengers, the unique and long-suffering deck-building game from Kyle Gabhart, could get an expansion–one he’s been working on for years. But this will only happen with our help. But first: backstory!

Okay, so in 2008 Dominion stormed onto the gaming world like a big…storming…thing…and changed the landscape forever. One of the games –probably the first game–born out of this storm was Arctic Scavengers in 2009. I (Firestone) played the self-published first edition back when it came out. It was a little rough, but I saw lots of potential.

Rio Grande Games picked it up and agreed to publish it, which happened three years later. We even interviewed Kyle just as his game was finally coming to market.
ArcticCardsThen, a couple of weeks ago, the terrific board game blog Shut Up and Sit Down did a video review of Arctic Scavengers. They fawned over it. So what’s the problem? Well, it looks like retailers are currently out of the first print run of Rio Grande’s edition. Prices are high, as is demand. (But there are plenty of copies at distributors, so don’t pay those prices.)

“But what about the expansion?!” Alright…sheesh; you don’t have to yell.

Kyle’s been kicking around the idea of Kickstarting the expansion himself–but there were lots of red-flags and financial risks for him. But thanks to the spotlight shining back on the game thanks to SU&SD, Rio Grande is considering printing the expansion. But they have to believe there’s a solid financial reason to do so. That’s where you come in. 

  • The first thing you can do is buy a copy of the game. Maybe you’ve been on the fence. Maybe you’ve never heard of it. Maybe you already have a copy, but could give one to a game-loving friend. The point is, Jay at Rio Grande Games has said that if this game takes off again, he’ll seriously consider printing the expansion. “The game is still very much in print – largely because sales have been poor, keeping our supply in the warehouse. If player support for the game improves, we will reconsider publishing Deception. Thanks for your interest and support.” Apparently there are still plenty of copies out there, even at distributors, so don’t be afraid to ask your FLGS to order a copy. Don’t pay the crazy prices that are out there right now; they’ll come down. 
  • Email Rio Grande Games. If you’re already a fan, email Rio Grande and nicely let them know you’d snatch up a copy of the expansion if they’d print it. BE NICE ABOUT IT.
  • We’re going to do our part, too. I have a copy of the Rio Grande edition, but I haven’t yet played it. I’m going to do that ASAP, and post a review.

Thanks for reading! Consider helping out Kyle, and getting your own copy of the game.

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9 responses

14 04 2014
Jacob Coon

I’ve heard good things about this game and would gladly buy a copy. Here’s my problem though. I don’t have a FLGS and I live in Germany. Any suggestions?

14 04 2014

Um…how tied are you to living in Germany…? 😉
My understanding is that the original plan was to do a multi-language edition. As the game was delayed, the other partners backed out over time–leaving the English and French versions. So Germany never got the game.

If you’re going to be coming to visit, you could preorder a copy from (a mere $22), and have it delivered to wherever you’ll be visiting. Then just take it back with you. I don’t know how realistic or reasonable that is, but it’s one option.

Thanks for reading, Jacob!

15 04 2014
Jacob Coon

I’m pretty tied to living in Germany for at least the next 3 years (you know the whole long-term missions commitment thing).
I am making a very short trip back to the states at the end of May. Now you have me considering doing exactly what you suggested at CoolStuff, but do I go for more to get free shipping. 🙂

15 04 2014

Of course you do! 🙂

14 04 2014
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

I liked it enough last year to play it 4 times… it’s a deckbuilder with an actual theme & story arc.

14 04 2014

Gameplay aside, the theme is a million, BILLION times more interesting than Dominion. “Uh…I buy a Library.” “I’ll Chapel this Copper into Zzzzzz….”

14 04 2014
Mark "Fluff Daddy" Jackson

Agreed. It’s part of the reason I enjoy DC Deckbuilding (on the light side) and Eminent Domain (w/a bit of RftG mixed in) and Core Worlds… neat mechanics mixed with actual theme!

16 04 2014
David Thompson

Thanks for posting this. I’m a huge fan, and I’ve been part of the AS community actively lobbying RGG for the expansion. I hope it happens!

21 04 2014
Kyle Gabhart

Just posted a sneak peak of the expansion content over at Board Game Geek:

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