More Origins Coverage with Dice Hate Me Games

28 06 2013


We spent a considerable amount of time with the folks from Dice Hate Me at Origins this year. You’ve already seen our visit with Heartland Hauling designer Jason Kotarski, today we bring you, not one, not two, but THREE videos from the Dice Hate Me stable of designers, including a chat with Mr. Dice Hate Me himself, Chris Kirkman.

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A Double Take Interview with Paul Peterson and Todd Rowland

27 06 2013

cthuluGame designer extraordinaire Paul Peterson is at it again with yet another expansion for the smash title Smash Up! Paul, being the friend of the blog he is, agreed to once again have a cyber chat with us about Smash Up, and he brought along Todd Rowland, Director of Marketing and Senior Brand Manager for Alderac Entertainment Group.

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Mayday’s Crokinole Carrying Case—A Review

25 06 2013

By Firestone

Just a little room on the outside edge. But it's cushioned well.

Just a little room on the outside edge. But it’s cushioned well.

A while back we featured a Kickstarter Weekly from Mayday Games that included a crokinole board, a carrying case, and a clock you can affix to the front of a board if it’s hanging on the wall. Well I have a Hilinski Brothers board that I’m completely happy with, but I wondered if the Mayday case would fit my non-Mayday board. So I reached out to Mayday, and they graciously offered to send me a case so I could test and report on it.

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More Great Stuff In the Works…

24 06 2013

SU2-Box (1)Hey everyone! We just wanted to take a few minutes and let you know that there is still a ton of content coming your way from Origins Game Fair 2013. I (Jeremiah) am busy editing away to get more of our new Theology of Games Visual content ready for YouTube; we’ll also have a bunch of really cool photos to share, and more!

Also, over the next two days I’ll be shooting our first video previews of two games. And we’ve got more interviews on the way than you can shake a stick at. (Unless you had multiple sticks and were coordinated enough to shake them simultaneously.)

And that’s not to mention all of the reviews we’ll be publishing in the very near future:

  • Viticulture
  • Dungeon Heroes
  • Mayday Crokinole Board Cases
  • Chicken Caesar
  • Epic Death
  • Ancient Terrible Things
  • Drive Them Back!
  • Smash Up – Awesome Level 9000
  • Guile
  • Incredi-brawl
  • and more!!

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TOG Visual—An Origins Interview with Patrick Nickell

22 06 2013

NickellCrash Games’ Patrick Nickell was kind enough to sit down with Jeremiah and tell us about Council Of Verona, Paradise Fallen, and more!

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TOG Visual—An Origins Interview With Kevin Sorbo

21 06 2013

SorboLately we’ve had a couple of awesome opportunities to reach out beyond the board gaming community and talk to some geeky cultural icons about their faith. Kevin Sorbo, who has been a major player in the science-fiction/fantasy genre in pop culture, was at Origins this year, and he was kind enough to take some time and have a chat with Jeremiah.

Our discussion was about faith, Hollywood, and Sean Penn.

We’re excited to bring you this visual coverage of Origins, and hope you’re enjoying it! We’d love it if you subscribed to the blog and our YouTube Channel!

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You can find Kevin Sorbo on Twitter @KSorbs

TOG Visual—An Origins Interview With Jason Kotarski

20 06 2013

Kotarski 1

We’re very excited to bring you an interview with the designer of The Great Heartland Hauling Co., Jason Kotarski. Jeremiah had a chance to sit down with him at Origins Game Fair in Columbus this past weekend and he gave us a look at 2 new games he’s developing, and chatted about his church plant in Flint, MI.

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YouTube! A Video Interview With Pixel Lincoln Designer Jason Tagmire

19 06 2013

Jeremiah got to meet up with some great people at Origins—one of whom was Pixel Lincoln designer Jason Tagmire. In this, our first YouTube video, Jason talks about Storyteller Cards, Maximum Throwdown, and expansions for Pixel Lincoln!

Get Your Game On! June 21-2013

19 06 2013
Come play games with us at the Root!

Come play games with us at the Root!

This Friday, June 21st from 7-11 will be a night of tabletop gaming at the Root Cafe, hosted by me: Jeremiah Isley.

This will be our second monthly meeting and I’m working away in the background for a few special surprises, so stay tuned for more information there!

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Origins Stand-Outs, From Guest Blogger Josh Sepos

18 06 2013

guildhallThere were two standouts for me at Origins this year: Guildhall from AEG, and Line of Fire by Jason Tagmire. The latter of the two had a limited release through Kickstarter but is probably  one of the best quick-plays out there! I ended up snagging Guild Hall because I thought  it was so good—and hope to get my hands on Line of Fire sometime soon!

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